March 2024 AI Recap

AI Weekly Rundown in March 2024 - Week 4

🔥 Zoom launches all-in-one modern AI collab platform
🤖 Stability AI launches instruction-tuned LLM
🚨 Stability AI CEO resigns to focus on decentralized AI
📊 Microsoft study reveals the 11 by 11 tipping point for AI adoption
🧠 A16z spotlights the rise of generative AI in enterprises
🖼️ Gaussian Frosting revolutionalizes surface reconstruction in 3D modeling
⚡ DBRX becomes world’s most powerful open-source LLM
🏆 Claude 3 Opus crowned the top user-rated chatbot, beating GPT-4
💙 Empathy meets AI: Hume AI's EVI redefines voice interaction
🚀 AI21 Labs’ Jamba triples AI throughput
📃 Google DeepMind's AI fact-checker outperforms humans
💻 X’s Grok gets a major upgrade

AI Weekly Rundown in March 2024 - Week 3

🕰️ 32-hour workweek with the same pay: AI’s new promise
🗣️ Google's VLOGGER brings photos to life as talking avatars
🔓 Elon Musk’s xAI open-sources Grok AI
💻 Nvidia launches 'world's most powerful AI chip'
🎥 Stability AI's SV3D turns a single photo into a 3D video
🤖 OpenAI CEO hints at "amazing model", maybe ChatGPT-5
🧠 MindEye2: AI Mind Reading from Brain Activity
🚀 Nvidia NIM enables faster deployment of AI models
🤝 Microsoft hires DeepMind co-founder to lead a new AI division
🕵️‍♂️ A new hack: Stealing Part of a Production Language Model
🧰 Sakana AI’s method to automate foundation model development
👋 Key Stable Diffusion researchers leave Stability AI
⏩ NVIDIA’s LATTE3D: The fastest AI model for 3D generation
📚 Language Models teach themselves to think before speaking
♟️ Neuralink's first human patient plays chess with his mind

AI Weekly Rundown in March 2024 - Week 2

🖼️ Huawei's PixArt-Σ paints prompts to perfection
🧠 Meta cracks the code to improve LLM reasoning
📈 Yi Models exceed benchmarks with refined data
🚀 Cohere introduces production-scale AI for enterprises
🎯 RFM-1 redefines robotics with human-like reasoning
🎧 Spotify introduces audiobook recommendations
👨‍💻 Devin: The first AI software engineer redefines coding
🗣️ Deepgram’s Aura empowers AI agents with authentic voices
🖥️ Meta introduces two 24K GPU clusters to train Llama 3
🎮 DeepMind's SIMA: The AI agent that's a Jack of all games
⚡ Claude 3 Haiku: Anthropic's lightning-fast AI solution for enterprises
🤖 ChatGPT gets a body with "Figure 01"
🛠️ Apple’s new recipe to build performant multimodal models
💥 Cerebras’ chip for enabling 10x larger models than GPT-4
💼 Apple buys startup DarwinAI ahead of a big push into GenAI in 2024

AI Weekly Rundown in March 2024 - Week 1

👀 Google’s ScreenAI can ‘see’ graphics like humans do
🐛 How AI ‘worms’ pose security threats in connected systems
🧠 New benchmarking method challenges LLMs' reasoning abilities
🏆 Anthropic’s Claude 3 Beats OpenAI’s GPT-4
🖼️ TripsoSR: 3D object generation from a single image in less than 1s
🛡️ Cloudflare's Firewall for AI protects LLMs from abuses
🐋 Microsoft's Orca AI beats 10x bigger models in math
🎨 GPT-4V wins at turning designs into code
🎥 Haiper by DeepMind alums joins the AI video race
🗣️ Microsoft's NaturalSpeech makes AI sound human
🔍 Google’s search update targets AI-generated spam
🤖 Google's RT-Sketch teaches robots with doodles
🚀 Inflection-2.5: GPT4-like performance with 40% less compute
📱 Google’s new tool enables LLMs to run fully on-device
💡 GaLore: For memory-efficient pre-training & fine-tuning of LLMs

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